History & Facts

School Namesake

Thomas Alfred Howard was born October 1, 1877 in Ladonia, Texas. He earned a degree in Education at what is now Texas A&M, Commerce. He married Sarah Carver on November 6, 1898 at Chalk Mountain, Texas. He and his wife had four children: Adalyn, Verna, Finnis and Billy. 

T.A. Howard was a lifelong educator. He taught school in Granbury, Texas and became principal of one of the schools there and finally the top administrative officer - the Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Howard came to Mansfield in 1924. By the mid 1930's he became the Superintendent of Schools for Mansfield, Texas. 

He retired from Mansfield Independent School District in 1940. After retirement, he owned and operated Howard Grocery in Fort Worth, Texas. Upon his wife's death in 1958, he closed the store and spent the remainder of his life enjoying a life long habit of reading. 

Thomas Alfred Howard died August 26, 1966 at the age of eighty-nine. In 1994, the Mansfield Independent School District honored his memory by naming a new middle school T.A. Howard Middle School. 

One of his children became a teacher and several of his grandchildren are teachers today.

Favorite saying of Mr. Howard: "Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do."


To inspire excellence, foster growth, and unleash the full potential of every student.


A learning community committed to providing a high-quality education for ALL students.


The Howard Way! 212°- Turn up the heat because one extra degree makes all the difference!

Campus Values

•    H – Honor                
•    O – Opportunity
•    W – Worth
•    A - Accountability
•    R – Respect
•    D – Discipline

•    W – Work Ethic
•    A – Ambition
•    Y – You Matter


Guiding Statements

1. Students will achieve readiness for high school in Math, Reading-Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

2. Students will embrace diversity and treat others with kindness and respect.

3. Students will foster a growth mindset.

4. Students will demonstrate leadership skills and accountability for their actions, learning, and achievement.

School Colors

Navy Blue, Maroon, and Silver



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