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We are also fortunate to have room in our schedule to offer extra ensemble classes for the Honor and Symphonic Bands. In 7th & 8th grade, our young musicians are put in classes with all the instruments, which doesn’t often allow us to get the one-on-one time that each instrument family needs to further their fundamentals. 

So, we utilize these extra classes (Wind Ensemble) to further develop our fundamentals beyond beginning band by focusing on instrument-specific warm-ups, skills and technique. Most of our students are able to take this class both years.

2018-2019 Band Schedule

7:30-8:30          Before school Sectionals
8:35-8:45          Drop off instrument, binder, Learning Log
8:45-9:30          1 Team
​9:34-10:34        2 Symphonic Band Wind Ensemble/Percussion
10:38-11:23      3 Symphonic Band
11:27-11:57      A Lunch
​12:01-1:01        4 Honor Band Wind Ensemble/Percussion
1:03-1:48          5 Honor Band
1:52-2:37          6 Concert Band Woodwinds/Percussion
​2:41-3:26          7 Concert Band Brass
3:30-4:15          ​8 Conference
4:15-4:25          Pick up instrument & binder
4:30-5:30          After school Sectionals

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