STAAR Testing Procedures for TAH

Howard Families,

To provide an environment that will ensure students perform their best on the STAAR Assessments, we will adhere to the following procedures during testing week:

  • Students will be reminded and encouraged to get plenty of rest and arrive to school on time.  Attendance is crucial. We must start testing on time.
  • STAAR testing groups will be pre-assigned. Your student will receive testing room assignments in 3rd period classes. Please review testing room information with your student prior to each testing day. Electronic devices will be turned off and stored during testing.
  • Outside food deliveries are not allowed. The campus is closed to all visitors.  Lunches will be provided for students on testing days.  Students may bring a lunch for their student if they prefer to do so.
  • Dress code policy will be enforced…no blankets or pajamas on campus.
  • Classes will be adjusted due to the STAAR Assessments. STAAR Testing Day Schedule for T. A Howard 
    • May 6…8th Grade STAAR Science:  7th Graders AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • May 7…8th Social STAAR Studies:  7th Graders AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • May 11…7th Grade STAAR Math:   8th Graders AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • May 12…7th Grade STAAR Reading:  8th Graders AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • May 13…8th Grade STAAR Math:  7th Graders & 8th Grader Algebra I AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • May 14…8th Grade STAAR Reading:  7th Graders AT-Home Asynchronous Learning
    • Click on the testing schedule for more details.

As our students approach testing, we encourage all parents to consider the following:

  • Ensure student is present in class for instruction by decreasing tardiness and absences
  • Schedule doctor appointments as to not conflict with testing schedule if possible
  • Balanced meals, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest help students prepare for test
  • Encourage students and create an environment that evokes a confident approach to testing week
  • Access parent resources for STAAR Testing to help students adequately prepare. Click on the following links:  Released test questions   More STAAR parent resources

Be reminded that all library books were due May 4.  Please make sure your child's library books have been returned.

Thank you for your continuous support and have a wonderful evening!

Erica Gorruso
T.A. Howard Middle School