TAH Final Exam/Review Week Procedures

Dear Howard Families,

In order to provide an environment that will ensure students perform their best during the exam/review week (May 23 -May 26), the following procedures will be enforced:

  • Classes will double-blocked (bell schedule will be different from normal). Exam Schedule:  Click Here!
  • Schedule for lunches will be different from normal. Students may bring a sack lunch. No outside food deliveries will be allowed.
  • TAH campus is closed to visitors during semester exam/review week, which also includes lunch times.
  • Dismissal on the last day, Thursday, May 26, will be adjusted to release students in the safest manner possible.   


  • No blankets or pajamas on campus. 
  • Cellphones should be completely put away from 8:15 am to 4:15 pm
  • No backpacks will be permitted on campus Friday, May 20 and  Monday, May 23 through Thursday, May 26. 
  • Student athletic bags may be left in the Principal Suite or the locker room.
  • Students may carry a Chromebook, a folder, a pen/pencil, bagged lunch, and/or a small purse on those days.

The last day of school is Thursday, May 26.  Mansfield ISD has scheduled a Teacher Workday for Friday, May 27.  Please mark your calendar and plan accordingly. 

Thank you for your continuous support and have a great evening!

Erica Gorruso Principal T.A. Howard Middle School