Unsubstantiated Threat at T.A. Howard 11-9-21

Dear T.A. Howard Family,

It is important to keep our families informed about what’s happening at our campus, and with that in mind, I wanted to tell you about an incident we investigated this morning. Our students were not in danger, but we take these situations seriously and wanted to make you aware.

Early this morning, we learned that a student student had sent text messages saying the student intended to bring a weapon to school to possibly commit a violent act. We contacted Mansfield ISD Police before the school day began and they launched an investigation. Ultimately, they discovered the threats were not credible.

I’d like to encourage our families to discuss the serious consequences that can result from making a threat against a school. Our district protocols require us to notify police whenever this occurs. Even if the message turns out to be a prank, there is a possibility the student can face criminal charges in addition to discipline through the district.

If you have any questions, please contact me at EricaGorruso@misdmail.org or 682-314-1050. Thank you for your support in the education of our students.


Erica Gorruso Principal T.A. Howard Middle School